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Quixant launches new ultimate range of gaming hardware platforms to meet the evolving needs of the gaming market

We are delighted to launch our new ultimate range of gaming hardware platforms which has been expertly designed to meet the needs and regulations of the gaming world and has options for all needs and budgets.

April 2021


The importance of partnerships in challenging times

Times like this test the true meaning and value of partnerships. So what does ‘being a good partner’ look like for hardware suppliers to game manufactures? Here’s what Quixant’s Chief Commercial Officer Duncan Faithfull perceives to be the top five opportunities to be the best partner during these challenging times.


March 2021


The post-pandemic bottom line: think big, start small, move fast

Quixant, the global leader in gaming technology discuss key opportunities to prepare for success in a post-pandemic world.


February 2021


Quixant diversifies to add Intel solutions to range of products

Quixant will now offer the choice of AMD and Intel solutions to ensure our customers can choose the way they wish to operate. As ever, our product roadmap development has been guided by the aim to enable our customers to focus on creating the best games, rather than hardware life cycles.


January 2021


ICE 2020: Sports Betting and QCore the game changers at “greatest” ICE for Quixant

With the global gaming world’s major players and decision makers descending on London in impressive numbers – despite ongoing concerns – ICE 2020 simultaneously delivered in terms of technological innovation and consolidated its standing as the primary event in its field, worldwide.


February 2020


Quixant launches global charity initiative for 2020

Quixant are committed to helping to change the world, beyond the boundaries of gaming and sports betting technology, with their exciting, new global charity initiative.  Throughout 2020, Quixant will be supporting World Wildlife Fund for Nature and their fight to protect our planet for future generations.


January 2020


ICE 2020: Quixant Sports Betting diversification set to be major draw at ICE

ICE is not only the world’s largest Gaming and Sports Betting industry event in terms of floorspace; it also has incredibly powerful influence over market direction for the coming year, and further.


January 2020

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