Why Quixant?

At Quixant we believe there are a number of significant benefits for choosing one of our complete gaming platforms. We asked our current customers why they chose Quixant and the most common response was that we have the most complete offering on the market. This is the benefit of Quixant’s Gaming Ecosystem.

Quixant’s Gaming Ecosystem combines advanced gaming hardware and software which Quixant has developed and integrated across the whole range of platforms at all price points. This enables portability of games to any platform in the range without changing the game software.

Our Gaming Ecosystem integrates a secure BIOS, PCI Express gaming I/O, NVRAM and communication devices with peripheral device drivers (e.g. for ticket printers, bill acceptors, coin hoppers) and gaming protocols such as SAS 6.02. This "total solution" approach enables our customers to focus on what they are good at – creating market-leading games. Quixant takes care of the hardware and low-level software that are essential ingredients but do not add value or differentiate in terms of the success of the game.

All products are designed for compliance with the regulatory requirements of all major gaming jurisdictions such as Nevada, GLI-11 etc.

Quixant has a strong customer support centre based near Rome with a team of engineers who are able to provide direct support to our customer base. As the true designers and manufacturers of our products we are able to answer any questions and assist greatly during the design-in process and customers have access directly to the engineers responsible for developing the products. Through our extensive knowledge of the gaming industry we are able to understand what our customers are trying to achieve and the problems they face, without having every detail explained to us.

As a company with our own manufacturing base in Taiwan we are able to compete commercially with all the large Taiwanese OEM's, but with the benefit of more sophisticated, complete solutions that combine software as well as hardware and a culture of innovation. The traditional view that a platform from a complete solution provider will be more expensive than "doing it ourselves" is just not the case when considering solutions from Quixant.

As engineers we also carefully select our partners for their strong embedded programs which are tuned for the requirements of the gaming industry and offer long supply lifetimes.

Quixant's advanced solutions start from only $350 including CPU, Memory, software and our state of the art gaming I/O. Choosing Quixant couldn’t be an easier decision to make!

Our business is built around the development and supply of innovative gaming platform and monitor solutions exclusively to the global gaming industry.