Quixant’s cutting edge computer platforms are specifically designed for gaming, enabling game machine manufacturers to focus on their own competencies – namely developing the most popular gaming content. In order to ensure seamless integration of mutual technologies Quixant assign dedicated R&D teams to every collaboration.

“The global gaming industry is highly dynamic. New gaming markets or modified regulatory frameworks, respectively, present excellent business opportunities or challenges for manufacturers but are, like every economic space, subject to the ‘first come, first served’ principle. It is therefore mandatory for every gaming equipment supplier to minimise his time-to-market and thus rely – at least partly – on trusted partners who can supply their own specialism and expertise. In Quixant we have found such a congenial and reliable technical partner who is able to complement the in-house know-how and capacities – which can make the difference in global competition”.

Bartholomäus Czapkiewicz, Group Chief Systems Officer, Novomatic.