Quixant Taiwan

Quixant Taiwan (“QT”) is responsible for the manufacture of Quixant’s range of motherboards, backplanes, metalwork, cable forms and assemblies. QT maintains strong technical and commercial relationships with all its key suppliers, essential in ensuring the long-term, stable supply of product required by the gaming industry.

QT employs a sophisticated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to ensure proper management of our parts purchasing and stock control, so as to ensure efficient operation and on-time deliveries.

In August 2008 Quixant Taiwan achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification to cover the design, manufacture and supply of gaming board and peripheral products, demonstrating Quixant’s commitment to high-quality manufacture and service. This was upgraded to the latest ISO 9001:2015 in July 2017.

Like most manufacturers in Taiwan, QT makes use of external subcontractors to perform the physical assembly of its PCBs. Quixant has a long-term relationship with one particular sub-contractor for this essential process, ensuring stable quality with high yields. PCB assembly is undertaken under ISO9000 accredited quality systems.

Quixant Taiwan undertakes the detailed design and debug of Quixant’s new hardware products, a process that is performed in close collaboration with the UK and Italian facilities.

Quixant is continuously growing its operation in Taiwan to enable it to remain at the forefront of technology, quality, service and cost. Quixant Taiwan is a crucial Quixant competitive advantage that delivers the benefit of Taiwan manufacturing technology and costs together with western technical support and corporate ownership, all from one company. A winning combination!

Quixant PLC (Taiwan Branch)

12F., No. 150, Jianyi Road, Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 23511, Taiwan
Tel: +886 2 8228 0086 Fax: +886 2 8228 0089
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