Integrating technologies such as card readers, wireless chargers and other interactive elements which enhance the player experience, these highly customisable button decks are the perfect way to create the most interactive and memorable gaming experience for your players. However you envisage your players interacting with your games, we are here to develop the right solution for you.

About Quixant’s button decks

  • Up to 10 points PCT touch – customisable firmware
  • Range of the display inputs supported: DP, DVI, HDMI, VGA
  • Cover glass compliant with IEC60950
  • Customisable cover glass for different shape, thickness, mechanical, button cut-out, custom graphics or 2.5D or 3D cover glass for unique ID requirements
  • Customisable mechanical frame design
  • 5 wire AR touch for bespoke products available
  • Cut monitor up to 48″