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Validate games in a flash

QxBOOT can accelerate the time taken to validate the BIOS and OS/game mass storage devices by up to 50%.

QxBOOT acceleration allows rapid SHA1, HMAC SHA-1 or SHA-256 validation of both the BIOS itself and mass storage devices. With its flexible architecture QxBOOT is designed to fit around your preferred secure boot chain of trust so all customers can benefit, whatever the preferred architecture.

From requirements through to regulatory approvals.
Our BIOS development team have over 10 years of experience in secure BIOS design. We are used to the process of working through a Secure BIOS design with our customers, developing and testing the solution for production and finally supporting the regulatory submissions.


Take the guess work out of G2S

Reduce implementation risk with a tried and tested solution. G2S is field-proven, tested against Radblue simulation tools – and has already been through compliance testing in Illinois, USA.
Use a Quixant platform and access the new communication protocol for casino accounting which is seeing increasing adoption – globally.

Communicate with multiple hosts simultaneously.
With many major venues operating several different G2S host servers, G2S is designed to interface with up to 6 hosts at the same time.

Operates on every OS.
To offer maximum flexibility Quixant has designed its G2S software to offer a universal interface which is agnostic to operating system.

Performs on every PC.
There’s no need to adapt your software to be able to cater for these different price points – the G2S software is the same offering throughout the range so you can easily port content between markets.


The de-facto ‘Slot Accounting System’ for casinos

Field-proven and extensively used worldwide, SAS covers all functionality required for GSA SAS 6.02 compliance.
Our SAS stack has been tested against a wide range of different hosts including:
IGT Advantage | Bally ACSC/SDS
Aristocrat Oasis | Konami Synkros
Winsystems Wigos
Intercard cashless system
Spectronix Spectralink progressive controller

Our SAS implementation has been approved by regulators in the US (Nevada and Georgia).
Safely store operational state in non-volatile memory. By using the onboard NVRAM, the SAS stack can store the state of the machine during runtime and if a power outage occurs, any incomplete operations can be resumed.

The same whatever the OS.
SAS software is cross-platform compatible to offer maximum flexibility and is agnostic to operating system.

The same whatever the PC.
With SAS, you don’t need to adapt your software to be able to cater for different performance specs and price points – so you can easily port content between markets.

Example code.
Quixant provide example programs written in C/C++ and .NET. To fast track implementation of our SAS stack into your game, we have provided a skeleton code structure which demonstrates the interface to different SAS hosts.


Remote controlled bug removal

QxATS finds the issues for you while you monitor and track this ingenious tool anytime. Anywhere.

This unique hardware-based solution comes integrated into our platforms, and unlike debugging software it doesn’t consume system resources or impact gaming performance. With out-of-the box support for a wide range of common hardware interfaces and software drivers, libraries and drivers, QxATS enables tracing of:

  • Serial communication
  • Digital Input/Output
  • NVRAM operations
  • SAS transactions
  • CPU utilisation
  • QxVDR render engine framerate
  • Quixant security engine operations

Extend the range of debug sources through custom traces in your code and extract critical information on game execution in real time to set up custom predefined triggers.


Take the hard work out of hardware

QxVDR reduces the impact of pre-rendered video decoding by switching operations from CPU to GPU and vice-versa allowing smoother game play and more videos to be played simultaneously.

With the introduction of 4K ultra-HD content, to create more detailed and vibrant games, QxVDR uses hardware acceleration to minimise system resource utilisation whilst still offering high compression ratio.

4K is OK.
Add eye-catching overlays using alpha channel transparency.

Fluid. Flexible. Flow.
Both command-line and GUI tools are offered for easy integration into your development workflow.

Synchronise cabinet lighting with onscreen content.
LED integration enables a high-impact and highly visual experience as the LED sequence can be completely synchronised with video content.

Unified with Unity.
The QxVDR plugin is a game changer within your Unity workspace.
Unity natively has no support for accelerated video playback. The QxVDR Unity plugin changes that. By combining all the features of QxVDR in a tool directly accessible in the Unity workspace, developing a game incorporating hardware accelerated, 4K video with alpha overlays and synchronised LED driver data is streamlined.


Make light work of LED sequences

LEDitor, dedicated to game artists, is designed to incorporate customised cabinet lighting sequences.
Compact and powerful, create and play back sequences either in simulation within the GUI or in real-time on hardware.

Our QLI is your key to colour.
Many of our platforms incorporate QLI, our dedicated hardware interface, which drives the RGB bitstream data – some of our products have up to four of these channels.

Synchronise LEDs on multiple machines.
The QB-029, within QxLED, is a dedicated hardware LED driver solution. Several QB-029 can be daisy chained over RS485 for powering synchronised LED sequences across a whole bank of machines.

Peripheral Device Support

Develop games not drivers

Quixant’s drivers and libraries support note acceptors/recyclers, coin acceptors/hoppers and ticket printers from most major vendors. Extensively used and refined over many years, our drivers and APIs are tried-and-tested in the field across tens of thousands of machines.

Browse and build upon our extensive library.
Keep your software engineers focussed on maximising player experience knowing that they can tap into our extensive library of drivers and APIs saving you the development time and cost of writing low level interface software to connect to popular hardware interfaces including; RS232 (including 9 bit serial), RS485, cctalk, ID003, I2C, SPI, iButton parallel I/O and USB.


It’s time to see what the world’s most advanced Gaming Ecosystem® can do for you.

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