Following AMD’s decision to exit the gaming market Quixant has focused efforts on offering customers choice across the graphics solutions, all within it’s current trusted technology platforms and gaming hardware solutions. Quixant will now offer the choice of AMD and Intel solutions to ensure our customers can choose the way they wish to operate. As ever, our product roadmap development has been guided by the aim to enable our customers to focus on creating the best games, rather than hardware life cycles.

Products such as the QMax-2i now incorporate Intel and NVIDIA technology, where the price, features, and performance of the solution align with market requirements.

AMD’s decision to pull away from gaming will not affect any products in Quixant’s current range of products to be launched in 2021.  In the future, however, we will increase the portfolio of Intel-based products at a range of price points, all of which will be fully compatible with Quixant’s software API to offer an easy migration path.

Quixant’s latest product releases on AMD will continue to be available until their last time buy dates which extend towards the end of this decade.

We know 2020 was an extremely challenging year and we look optimistically to the coming months where there is finally light at the end of the very long COVID-related tunnel. Whatever your approach to future-proof your business, it’s clear that there are endless opportunities to drive innovation and technology should be the ‘super enabler’ that drives the future of gaming experiences.

Contact us to explore how Quixant can support you in these challenging times.