Quixant Italia evolving gaming at enada primavera

9 March 2015

Technology awareness and price don’t compete, they complement one another. One drives the other. Showing the gaming industry what’s possible is far more inspiring than telling people what’s wrong.

Achieving results based on actions is Quixant’s guiding principle. Promises are easy of course, but Quixant’s commitment to delivering on these promises has seen more and more customers adopting Quixant technology, and in doing so reaping rewards in terms of shorter lead times and reduced R&D cost and effort.

This is why Quixant Italia Srl. will be exhibiting at Enada Primavera 2015 in Rimini. Italian companies looking for a reliable technology partner to compete in a challenging environment can visit the Quixant stand at Enada Rimini from March 18th, stand 091, hall A5.

The QXi-306 offers much more than an all-in-one gaming platform for the Italian mini-VLT market, it also provides versatility. Through development of common games which are compatible with Quixant platforms, customers improve efficiency in key aspects of their business. Instead of waiting for the trend, Quixant has taken the lead in creating and bringing distinct technology initiatives to the industry.

“Quixant’s customer satisfaction is one of the main driving-forces behind our operations and the QXi-306 is a direct result of addressing the demand for an extremely cost-effective gaming platform which enables them to compete in the Italian market without compromising on performance and features” stated John Malin, Sales Director at Quixant UK Ltd.

For more information, please visit www.quixant.com or contact Quixant sales team at sales@quixant.com