In 2020, Quixant will proudly support the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF); dedicating time to raising awareness and pledging donations to help protect endangered animals, the environment and the planet for future generations. With the exciting launch of this new global charity initiative, Quixant is pushing to change the world beyond the boundaries of gaming and sports betting technology.


Do the right thing.

As a global company with long-standing clients spread all over world, Quixant understands the responsibility their role has in the global community. The technically-driven team at Quixant are passionate about having a positive impact on the planet and are committed to helping it thrive.


By supporting one charity each year, Quixant can focus its efforts and have a greater impact on helping each cause.

Every year, Quixant employees cast their votes to select each annual global charity. The nominated charities are held close to everyone’s hearts; sharing must-needed humanity that reaches worldwide.


“I couldn’t be prouder of our employees’ decision to support WWF. Especially with the devastating fires in Australia and the decimating impact they are having on so many irreplaceable species, habitats and lives.” Jon Jayal, CEO, Quixant.


For nature. For animals. For everyone.

The gaming world shares many parallels with the real world, but speed is always of the essence.

While Quixant are leading the charge in game-changing technology, World Wildlife Fund for Nature is leading the fight to protect the planet from ever-evolving and constantly challenging environmental changes.


From conserving global wildlife and marine life to combating climate change and restoring nature from new environmental issues that threaten the planet every year, WWF is tireless in achieving positive change. The bush fires in Australia are the latest reminder that raising awareness and pledging donations to WWF are more important than ever.


Small changes make a big difference.

Always committed to being socially, environmentally and ethically responsible, Quixant is making positive changes at every possible opportunity.


Supporting the WWF in this global charity initiative is a meaningful step forwards for Quixant game engineering pioneers, “A key aspect of our business’ DNA is a recognition of our need to support and protect the environment in which we operate.” Jon Jayal, CEO, Quixant.


Every step change, no matter how big or small, makes a difference. The next push for Quixant is ‘going paperless’ at ICE London UK. This year, Quixant will be attending the event and swapping paper hardcopies for downloadable datasheets that can be digitally transferred.

Finding new ways to make an impression without an environmental impact is inspired by Quixant’s motivational brand promise to always think outside the box.


If you would like to find out more about World Wildlife Fund for Nature or join Quixant’s support and make a donation, please visit