Quixant set to turn the competition green with Envy at ICE

21 December 2015

Quixant will use ICE 2016 in London to launch two important new gaming platforms based on the latest AMD Embedded R-Series “Merlin Falcon” APU, following a behind closed doors preview at G2E Las Vegas in October 2015.

QMax-1 is the first in a new “ultimate performance” tier of product in Quixant’s line-up. It offers consumer levels of graphics performance never seen before in an embedded PC environment, double that of Quixant’s previous highest performance platform, the QX-50. As well as being the highest performance gaming platform on the market today, it also incorporates Quixant’s proven gaming logic to ensure rapid integration, total reliability and security in your gaming machine design.

The QXi-6000 is the latest “all-in-one” compact gaming platform from Quixant which also utilises the AMD Embedded R-Series “Merlin Falcon” APU to deliver breath-taking graphics performance. By utilising its proprietary thermal management technology, Quixant are able to deliver this in a passively cooled package, eliminating the need for fans.

Both products include support for Quixant’s innovative new Q-Port™ monitor interface technology. Based on DisplayPort, Q-Port™ enables touch and other USB2.0 data to be passed down a single monitor cable, simplifying cabinet wiring.

Talking ahead of the show John Malin, Sales Director of Quixant, stated:

“Our customers require a range of software compatible products that meet different price, performance and market needs. Just having one or two gaming boards in your line up is no longer sufficient. Typically, our customers end up using several products from our range, depending on their application. Some might use the QX-40 in their main slot platform, the QXi-4000 as a link controller or for their table games and then maybe a QXi-307 for a lower cost machine they are exporting to South America... so they need a full range of cross compatible boards at different price/performance points.”

“Despite the range of different products, we also believe it is essential that we have all of these products in stock. This is not a typical industrial market where your customers can accurately predict their demand. Demand in gaming can be very unpredictable, so we believe it is only possible to service customers properly if we carry stock. Combined with offering products with no MOQ, we believe this makes Quixant a more valuable partner to work with.”

Quixant also recently opened a new 7,000sqft software development, training and customer support centre in Rome. “Hardware is only half the solution”, stated Malin. “If you want to offer a complete gaming platform to this market then you need to invest heavily in your software. Quixant has spent the last 10+ years building its software ecosystem which enables our customers to design and launch their machines in record time. Quixant can provide drivers for many peripheral devices and gaming protocols used in the market today, all of which are developed in house, rather than by a third party which can be very problematic.”

The Quixant team look forward to welcoming you to our stand N1-420 at ICE 2016.