With a level of footfall unmatched in its previous outings, G2E 2018 in Las Vegas exceeded even the most optimistic expectations and cemented its place as one of the greatest gaming exhibitions worldwide.

A significant factor in this interest and growth within the industry is the extraordinary speed of technological evolution; this facet was displayed in impressive fashion by Quixant, the leading global suppliers of outsourced gaming hardware solutions. However, just as much as its cutting-edge products such as the new QMax-2 and QXi-7000 platforms and 27” “floating” monitors attracted attention, it was the hidden myriad of benefits behind them that were enthusing the crowds.

Quixant’s Gaming Ecosystem®, a wide variety of differentiators ranging from simple game portability between different geographical markets to comprehensive on-board security features, took centre stage. A particular focus was the innovative new software tool portfolio, including QxVDR – a powerful video decoding and rendering library that enables smooth multi-layer graphics at low CPU usage levels. Alongside this, the innovative remote system monitoring provided by QxATS, QxBOOT’s significantly increased BIOS time-efficiency, and a dedicated LED management solution were all received positively.

John Malin, Global Sales Director for Quixant, commented: “In an increasingly competitive global gaming marketplace, value-added benefits are becoming just as important as the intrinsic quality of products themselves. With our Gaming Ecosystem® showcase, integrating hands-on engineer workshops, the objective was to introduce our growing list of USPs to the widest audience possible. Based on the feedback received, we’re delighted to say we have achieved our aim, and the pathway to fast time-to-market is now open to all of our customers.”

For more information on our Quixant Gaming Ecosystem®, please email sales@quixant.com