Quixant in pole position in Brazil

30 May 2017

With the gaming world waiting expectantly for updates on Brazilian legislation, Quixant will once again be exhibiting at the Brazilian Gaming Congress (BgC) this summer, stand no. 1. Taking place on 26th-27th June, this is the fourth edition of the combined exhibition and conference, and the second outing in São Paulo following its debut here last November.

Brazil is, without doubt, one of the most potentially exciting propositions in present-day gaming. Quixant, maintaining its principal focus on the continuous development and innovation of PC based gaming platforms and monitor solutions, caters for all levels of market complexity and this extremely interesting territory is no exception.

Offering the most powerful technology yet for two-screen applications, Quixant’s new QXi-400 enables complex game content to be shown in a compact cabinet design. With both Windows 7 and 10 support, as well as Linux, the innovative platform provides opportunities for both new projects and upgrade of existing machines. The QXi-307, with full HD dual display support and impressive processing power, all in a highly cost-effective package, has received a strong reception in the active South American markets, and will be a definite attraction in São Paulo. The versatility of Quixant’s control board portfolio means that for any machine type, anywhere in the world, there is a solution that fits. Should a manufacturer be looking to expand to an extra monitor or button deck whilst maintaining their platform’s all-in-one footprint, QXi-6000 is an ideal choice – and 4K UHD compatibility ensures complete future-proofing.

Over the past twelve months, Quixant’s gaming monitor range has developed significantly. Further highlighting the company’s focus on product development, these advanced yet affordable solutions are drawing an increasing number of customers looking for a “one stop” combination to suit their needs. New Quixant industry standards, such as the 23.8” monitor and a variety of button decks, are designed to fully complement its gaming platforms.

“It is extremely important that we position ourselves at the forefront of the Brazilian marketplace, and BgC is a major part of this objective” comments John Malin, Sales Director for Quixant UK Ltd. “We come to São Paulo with our most comprehensive product range yet, and are very much looking forward to discussing with manufacturers and operators how we can positively impact their future gaming operations.”

For further information, please contact sales@quixant.com