Strong G2E Asia for forward-thinking Quixant

1 June 2018

Quixant successfully exhibited to a broad range of customers at the G2E Asia trade show in Macau, May 15th – 17th.

“The Asian markets are as diverse as the products required to serve our technology-savvy customers. As game designers compete to offer ever more dynamic and sophisticated titles, they need a flexible partner who can address a wide range of requirements. Our clients know they have game portability across our range, allowing them to integrate with us, worry free.” Comments Eric Walla, VP of Business Development.

Complementing a highly positive response to its impressive computer lineup, Quixant’s new monitor designs debuted at G2E Asia attracted strong interest. In particular, narrow bezel and floating frame monitor designs with optional perimeter LEDs were well received, affirming the company’s significant investment into the development of pioneering display technology. It is not just in the physical product design and development where the expertise lies; the Gaming Ecosystem®, an expansive and immersive range of hardware and software-based differentiators that brings huge benefits to Quixant users, was presented in Macau to great acclaim.

“Style continues to change and it’s important to have a fresh look to the games. Equally fundamental is the need to use optimum quality monitors to showcase this high-resolution content. We have complete solutions - with the innovation and versatility of our displays and button decks, allied to the horsepower of the latest processors in our logic boards, and the array of features provided by our Gaming Ecosystem®.”

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