Quixant, the world-leading partner to the gaming industry presents “The Quixant Solutions Series” – a new collection of thought-provoking, educational papers concerning challenges faced by the gaming industry, that provide an in depth-insight into how Quixant enable their partners to unleash their creativity, rock the industry and crack every opportunity. Our parameter-pushing platforms, monitors and tools offer endless possibilities to keep you ahead of the game.


Quixant understand the complexities involved with designing and developing innovative gameplay experiences and floor-winning cabinets. In this series of articles, Quixant experts will explore key tools that we have researched and developed in order to make the creation of games easier and faster – from creating synchronised lighting sequences, real-time debugging and sharper security features.


With these diverse range of topics, we hope to inspire and enlighten our audience to the many differentiators offered when partnering with Quixant.


Download the Solutions Series QxVDR paper HERE.


If you would like some more information, or have any questions please contact innovation@quixant.com.