Highly specialist.
Like no other.


We are the only credible outsource partner that understands the unique business needs of those looking to thrive within the gaming industry.

Everything we do is designed to meet and exceed our customers’ objectives, acting as independent thinkers to make the very best choices for our customers and trusted partners to help you grow your business.

Always ahead of the game

Advancing technology in wager-based gaming and sports betting is paving the way for a better, more immersive experience for players – one that draws a wider variety of demographics and keeps people in their seat longer.

At Quixant, we push technological boundaries to ensure our partners are always ahead of the game in providing the best gaming experience to the end players.

Our ethos is driven by our deep sector, regulatory, player and commercial insight. We seek out partnering opportunities with like-minded innovation-led global gaming OEM’s that share our unrelenting focus on quality, timely delivery and good decision-making. We bring a distinctive combination of skills and resources to every partnership.

Our focus on the gaming sector means our Research and Development team is wholly structured around working in partnership with gaming and sports betting operators. Our dedicated teams bring an unrivalled depth of expertise in the commercial and player considerations, and ensure these are understood and embedded early in our R&D decision-making, providing informed, evidence-based perspectives on product, commercial and economic impact.

Market-leading innovators. World-leading collaborators

We have a global commercial presence, including strong research, development and operational expertise in Taiwan, Italy, USA, Australia, Japan and the UK. By combining our deep sector skills with local territory knowledge, we can develop, manufacture and commercialise solutions that best meet local market needs.

Our commitment is to develop bespoke solutions suited to the needs of individual businesses and the markets in which they operate. We leverage our global expertise to do so, identifying and capturing collaborative opportunities as they arise to ensure the success of our customers. We remain focussed on delivering value-enhancing business development opportunities for our partners.


Creative collaborations delivering industry firsts.


Creating partnerships. Driving innovation.


Partnerships that make a difference.


If you would like to explore a collaborative partnership with us, please contact us.

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Customer support

Quixant is entirely focussed on delivering innovation with a positive experience to the gaming sector, that’s why our support offering is totally tailored to working in partnership with our customers. With access to intelligence direct from the minds that design our products, we are the integral partners to help get games to market in record-breaking time.

Engineering expertise

Our global customer support is provided by the same team who conceptualise and build our hardware and software – it’s engineer-to-engineer support.

Global service

Our dedicated engineering teams are located in all global markets including US, Asia, Europe and Australia, and our customer training facility in our Quixant Italia office assists effortless game-integration with Quixant’s Gaming Ecosystem®.

Secure portal

Our secure customer service portal provides additional support with downloadable support software, documentation, example code, whitepapers and a suite of software tools.

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