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Unleash your creativity and develop with confidence on Quixant’s market leading gaming hardware platforms, which are powered by a host of effective software solutions designed to optimise game development and delivery.


Explore how Quixant’s Software Hub will enable you to build the best games on the planet.

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Development Solutions


Quixant’s Debugging Solution

Spend time creating game changing content, not developing debugging solutions. Integrated into our platforms as standard, Quixant debug is a superior debugging system which enables you to efficiently trace, isolate and address bugs both in a test and live gaming environment.

With Quixant’s debugging solution you can free up system resource, and effectively trace issues without impacting the performance of your game. The outcome? You can get your games to market faster and ensure that they are leagues ahead of the rest.


Quixant’s Video Content Solution

Creating world-class games is your goal, so you need Play in your development tool kit to create ever more detailed and vibrant games. Reduce the impact of pre-rendered video decoding, deliver the highest resolution content, and enable smoother game play and more video content to be played simultaneously.

With Quixant’s video content solution you can add eye-catching overlays and synchronise cabinet lighting with onscreen content for a high impact visual experience. Easy to integrate into your development workflow, Quixant Play gives you the tools to make the most notorious games the casino world has seen.

Multimedia Solutions


Quixant’s Cabinet LED solution

You want to create the best gaming experiences and need to make your games stand out from the plethora of machines out there. That’s why Illuminate will be essential software in your game development armoury, enabling you to bring your content to life with customised cabinet lighting sequences. Dedicated to game artists, this powerful, comprehensive solution gives you the option to create and play back sequences in both a test and real-time environment.

Synchronise LEDs across multiple machines for maximum effect and light up the room, creating the most memorable gaming experiences on the planet.


Quixant’s Audio Amplification Solution

Do you want your games to be the talk of the gaming world? Then you should leverage Quixant’s cutting-edge technology Amplify, which will enable you to deliver the highest quality audio possible. Ground-breaking control of game sound in a compact offering, Quixant’s audio amplification solution is combined with world-leading hardware that enables you to deliver your customers a truly unrivalled, immersive game experience.

Security Solutions


Quixant’s Secure BIOS Solution

With Quixant’s secure BIOS validation & acceleration solution you can validate your games up to 50% faster. Developed by a specialist team with 10+ years of experience of creating, testing & implementing a secure and compliant BIOS solution, you will have the comfort that this essential function is taken care of.

Flexible architecture designed to fit around your requirements, it enables rapid hash-based validation of both the BIOS & mass storage devices. Faster, secure & effective. Make your incredible games the centre of attention.


Quixant’s Authenticity Solution

Protect all elements of your hardware and software with Quixant’s secure and powerful authentication solution. This customisable feature locks all aspects of the game when the machine is restarted and requires a password authentication to take place to enable usage. Get the necessary assurance that your game is secure and unleash your creativity to focus on developing exceptional games and gaming experiences.


Quixant’s Suite of Security Solutions

Protecting your systems and intellectual property is an essential part of your game development and delivery. Quixant are here to help with a host of powerful, compliant and customisable security features. Easy to implement and operate, you can adopt these features based on the requirements of the markets you operate in.

Quixant’s suite of security solutions include: logging processor, software authentication, AES hardware engine, unique hardware ID, protected EEPROM, anti-tamper and write-once keys and TPM. Whatever the market, whatever the game, there are solutions that will ensure that your games are secure, so your time is freed up to do what you do best.

Protocol Solutions


Quixant’s G2S Solution

Is implementation risk occupying your time? Then Quixant’s widely implemented G2S solution will be the perfect solution for you to ensure your creativity is not hindered by security and compliance requirements. Field-proven and tested against Radblue simulation tools, Quixant’s G2S solution gives you a secure and compliant medium to connect with this increasingly adopted casino accounting communication protocol.

The solution is designed to interface with multiple hosts, enabling you to connect with up to 6 at once. With compliance covered, you can let your creativity run free and create games that rock the industry.


Quixant’s SAS Solution

Ensuring compliance is key in the gaming industry but can be time consuming. That’s why Quixant’s SAS solution was developed – to give game developers a reliable out-of-the-box solution that ensures they comply with GSA SAS 6.02 protocol.

Field-proven and extensively used worldwide, Quixant’s SAS solution is easy to integrate within your technology stack and seamlessly interfaces with different SAS hosts. Using the onboard NVRAM, the solution can store the state of the machine during runtime and if a power outage occurs, any incomplete operations can be resumed. It’s a must have solution to give you peace of mind that your games are secure and compliant.


Explore how Quixant’s Software Hub will enable you to build the best games on the planet.

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