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Quixant technology enables manufacturers of gaming machines to design and ship world-beating products in record time.

Our range of gaming platforms are high performance, PC compatible systems designed and tuned specifically to meet the complex needs of the gaming industry. The hardware integrates all the features necessary to drive pay to play machines in all major global gaming jurisdictions. Comprehensive software support for Windows and Linux augments the hardware, including device drivers, gaming protocols, example code and even SAS support.

The Quixant gaming platform range represent complete all-in-one logic box solutions for pay to play gaming machines.

You simply add the game software.

Featured Products

Advanced 27" Floating Monitor

Quixant's advanced 27" Floating monitor, enables faster gaming cabinet development and reduces time to market.

QXi-7000 LITE The Most Versatile Platform Yet

The QXi-7000 LITE is the latest PC-based gaming platform solution from Quixant. It’s also our most versatile and benefit-loaded. Packing the unprecedented power of AMD’s Ryzen™ Embedded APU technology with Quixant’s proven gaming hardware and software to bring your 4K games to market in record time.

Latest News

Quixant's game-changing technology enables gaming pioneers to think outside the box

An integral element of the gaming sector, and of Global Gaming Expo (G2E), Quixant partners with global gaming OEMs to deliver versatile and innovative outsource solutions through their portfolio of gaming hardware, software and display technologies.

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Metronia, BANDAI NAMCO Amusement and Quixant collaboration provides show centerpiece in Madrid

Widely renowned as global leaders in their respective fields of video bingo and traditional amusement games, Metronia and BANDAI NAMCO Amusement have joined forces to create their own gaming phenomenon: Pac-Man Video-bingo. Powered by Quixant’s versatile, hugely popular QXi-6000 platform, the first of three multi-game releases for the Tarvos2+ cabinet was showcased at April’s Feria Internacional del Juego in Madrid to widespread acclaim.

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Gaming Ecosystem® a major draw at “extraordinary” ICE for Quixant

ICE 2019, the pioneering event in global gaming, promised great things – and for Quixant, the pace-setters in PC-based hardware and display technology supply, it truly delivered.

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