We build gaming hardware platforms and software solutions with endless possibilities, so you can create incredible games and deliver extraordinary gaming experiences.

Our market leading gaming hardware platforms are all powered by Quixant’s Software Hub, a host of effective software solutions designed to optimise game development and delivery. Developed with a deep, in-house understanding of the requirements and regulations of the gaming universe, we provide global gaming OEMs with powerful and reliable solutions so they can exclusively focus on creating the best games on the planet.


Quixant launches new ultimate range of gaming hardware platforms to meet the evolving needs of the gaming market

We are delighted to launch our new ultimate range of gaming hardware platforms which has been expertly designed to meet the needs and regulations of the gaming world and has options for all needs and budgets.

April 2021

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March 2021

The importance of partnerships in challenging times

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February 2021

The post-pandemic bottom line: think big, start small, move fast

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January 2021

Quixant diversifies to add Intel solutions to range of products

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Let us take care of the hardware so you can exclusively focus on enhancing the player experience and delivering world-class games in record time.

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