LED controller

Light up the room

LED controller

You want to create the best gaming and sports betting experiences and need to make your content and cabinets stand out from the plethora of machines out there. That is why Quixant’s LED controller will be an essential component in your cabinet development armory.

Driven by Quixant’s Illuminate software solution, it will enable you to bring your content to life with customized cabinet lighting sequences. Dedicated to creatives, it is compact and powerful, giving you the option to create and play back sequences in both a test and real-time environment.

Synchronize LEDs for maximum effect and light up the room, creating the most memorable gaming and sports betting experiences on the planet.

About Quixant’s LED controller

  • Up to four independent channels
  • Drives up to 1,000 LEDs
  • Realtime LED pattern drive over USB
  • Default pattern generation from internal flash memory
  • Pattern selection throughout GPIO
  • Automatic random generation
  • Compatible with several different LED strips (both 1-wire and SPI)
  • Net-Sync: a network of LED controllers can display the same synchronized pattern throughout RS-485 serial connection
  • Quixant Illuminate software for sophisticated LED pattern design
LED Controller

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