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Specialist hardware platforms built with endless possibilities

A 3D render of the IQ, IQON and QMAX hardware ranges

Whatever your budget and requirements, we have a solution perfect for you. With both Intel® and AMD options.

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Unlimited power. Ultimate performance.

One of the most powerful and feature-rich hardware platforms on the market. Take your games as far as your imagination can go, without compromising on quality or performance. A highly customizable tray and backplane platform, with a dGPU option, allowing you to increase your hardware’s performance by adding the graphics card of your choice. With our game-optimizing software solutions on board as standard, you can seamlessly integrate all elements of your game, deliver the best content, and launch to the market in record time.

QMAX hardware
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Unrivaled performance. Unlimited possibilities.

Suitable for a wide range of game complexities and sports betting kiosk requirements, the IQON range has advanced I/O capabilities, delivers great value and allows you to take your products to the next level.

IQON hardware
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This fanless all in one platform delivers unrivaled performance and value.

IQON Air hardware
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This fanned model is our most versatile and powerful all in one platform.

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Big on performance.
Big on value.

Small things have the power to disrupt. That is reflected in the value and performance the IQ range of products from Quixant delivers. The solutions are ideal for developers who are looking for a standard and efficient platform to develop their game content on, or bring their sports book to life.

IQ hardware
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Unrivaled performance and value for a standard and fanless all in one platform.

IQ Air hardware
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A standard, fanned all in one platform, with the ability to enhance performance by selecting from a choice of processors.


Launch world-class products in record time

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