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Why Quixant?

Quixant are the global leader in gaming technology. We build gaming hardware platforms with endless possibilities, so you can create incredible games and deliver extraordinary gaming experiences.

Our market leading gaming platforms are all powered by Quixant’s Software Hub, a host of effective software solutions designed to optimise game development and delivery.

Developed with a deep in-house understanding of the requirements and regulations of the gaming universe, we provide global gaming OEMs with powerful and reliable solutions so they can exclusively focus on creating the best games on the planet.

Our team consistently push the boundaries of technology through our products and solutions to ensure our customers are always ahead of the game.

Our commitment to continually invest in research & development and customer-centric solutions forms the foundation on which we have built – and continue to build – trusted relationships with some of the biggest players in the world.

Established but ever-evolving.

Today, our computer platforms are in over 13% of all wager-based gaming machines – making us the No.1 provider worldwide. An integral element of the gaming sector, we have the deepest understanding of the complex requirements of the gaming industry – it is what we have been solely focussed on it since our inception. And it is this knowledge that makes us intrinsic to its evolution.

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