Enhancing Quixant’s hardware, software, and support offering to enable our partners to deliver the ultimate customer experience

News Enhancing Quixant’s hardware, software, and support offering to enable our partners to deliver the ultimate customer experience Duncan Faithfull, EVP, Quixant Business Leader and CCO, Quixant – G3 Pulse podcast Duncan Faithfull, EVP and CCO of Quixant talks with Lewis Pek, Editor of G3 Magazine about Quixant’s Intel roadmap, enhanced software offering, support provided to customers, and expectations of G2E this year. Duncan, what can we expect to see from Quixant at the G2E show next month? And what are your expectations of the exhibition? The Quixant team is really looking forward to G2E this year. We are excited to meet both current and future customers in Las Vegas, and we're already hearing feedback from our customer base that they’ll be showcasing a host of new and innovative products at this year’s event. Our biggest customers are excited about their new cabinet and game offerings, and already the organisers are predicting that attendance is going to be very strong this year, which is always a great indicator that our industry is in good health. Quixant has a great stand this year and we have got some amazing new products and solution to present to visitors. At G2E we are focusing upon our core product range. Quixant is well known in the industry for our orange boxes, which offer the full range of PCs, from IQ at the lower end, IQON, our mid-range option, right up to the highest performing QMAX - all of which include our embedded Software Suite solutions. We also continue to develop our cabinet proposition, which means that our booth will highlight both our core products and the future direction of the Quixant business. And, importantly for us, we are going to be launching a new [...]

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Quixant’s LatAm gaming and sports betting market focus ahead of G2E

News Quixant’s LatAm gaming and sports betting market focus ahead of G2E Patricia Souto Rial – VP Business Development - Spain/LatAm, Quixant – G3 Pulse podcast As a supplier to the gaming and sports betting market how do you best support a continent that covers 19 million sq.km and a population of 656 million, and provide products and offerings which are tailored to the specific needs of the market? Patricia Souto Rial, VP of Business Development for Spain and Latin America at Quixant. Patricia, what are the most important and most valuable markets for Quixant, and which of the markets - for example Mexico, Colombia, Brazil - do you see as having the most growth potential? The Latin market as a whole is extremely important for Quixant offering very exciting opportunities. The Gaming market is our bread and butter - it is all we do - which means we are focused purely upon supporting customers in countries like Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and not to forget Brazil as you say, which is an exciting opportunity with the incoming sports betting regulations. The Quixant LatAm team is focusing on developing this market with a keen understanding of the particular complexities and specific requirements necessary to support the gaming industry in LatAm. What’s Quixant’s footprint in the region? What local expertise does Quixant boast in LatAm? And how do you cover such a vast area - I imagine your supply chain has to be ‘on point’? Quixant is already present within the Latin American market and has been continuously growing business within the region in recent years. Markets with a strong appetite for growth, such as Colombia, Puerto Rico, Brazil and Mexico, have presented opportunities for Quixant to support local OEM [...]

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Quixant to exhibit at ICE 2024

Events Quixant to exhibit at ICE 2024 We are pleased to once again exhibit at ICE to showcase our range of game changing technology. When: 6-8 February 2024 Where: ExCeL London Stand Number: N2-120 We look forward to the opportunity to welcome the gaming and sports betting industry at the event, where our team of specialists will showcase our range of next-generation hardware platforms, Software Suite solutions, and cabinets and kiosks. Visit the team at booth N2-120 to explore how our technology can put your products in the spotlight and enable you to deliver the ultimate customer experience in record time. Join us for a coffee and the opportunity to explore how we can help you to get ahead of the game.

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Quixant announces partnership with FABICash

News Quixant announces partnership with FABICash FABICash has partnered with Quixant in its continued efforts to be the most reliable cash access platform in the gaming industry, bringing more revenue back to the gaming floor. We are pleased to announce our partnership with market-leading cash access and cashless solution provider, FABICash to deliver the FABIKiosk, their new game-changing all-in-one ticket redemption kiosk. This partnership with Quixant enables FABICash to bring a market leading cash access and cashless solution to the industry faster, with the confidence that the solution is powerful and reliable, enabling FABI to focus on expanding further within the industry with its state-of-the-art kiosk. Powered by Quixant’s IQON Air 1 platform, the FABIKiosk redeems tickets and pays out on jackpots, breaks bills, and performs ATM and eCheck transactions. With a stand-out 49-inch display, the one-of-a-kind solution facilitates transactions, and the cashless feature moves money into the FABIWallet, reducing the amount of cash that is needed in the kiosk. Anthony F. Rabito, Jr., President of FABICash, commented on the partnership: "Our goal has always been to provide the most reliable cash access platform in the gaming industry and to put more money back on the gaming floor. Partnering with Quixant has been excellent, as we are equally focused on providing market-leading solutions to the gaming industry, and both pride ourselves on the level of service we offer customers.” Anthony continued: “The relationship with Quixant allows us to focus on what we do best ─ bring innovative and game-changing cash access and cashless solutions to the industry. Quixant has mitigated the impact of supply chain challenges for the computers that drive our kiosks. This has enabled our continued focus on developing and delivering the kiosk to market, as well as expediting [...]

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