Eric Walla

Sales, US – Las Vegas “Quixant, for me has been the first company that truly feels like family. Many companies desire this but are not actually committed to the personal investment. Quixant has demonstrated a top-down approach by valuing the individual which makes it a great place to call home.”

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James Simpson

Software Engineering, US – Atlanta “I have never worked with such a talented pool of people than I have at Quixant. They are very knowledgeable, committed, passionate and are all-around a great set of folks.”

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Jade Woodward

Operations, UK “The depth and breadth of our customer base means my job is very diverse, stimulating and challenging. I particularly enjoy identifying and developing new and innovative ways to better engage and support our customers.”

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Mira Lee

Manufacturing, Taiwan “Nexteq is not just a company, but a global family where we grow, share experiences, and fight for the same goal together. The dedication to the big family is well seen and is preciously cherished. I feel everyone is kind hearted and looks to the success of Nexteq, not only themselves, and this is why I love to work here, as one of an energetic Nexteqers.”

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Franklin Chen

Hardware Engineering, Taiwan “The pursuit of progress and growth has always been my goal, and Nexteq has provided me with an opportunity to showcase my talents. A good working environment not only improves work efficiency but also helps Nexteq design better, more stable products. I am thrilled to be a part of this team.”

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Claudia Fillipi

HR & Admin, Italy “I have been working for Quixant for almost ten years now, with great enthusiasm.  Since joining, the company has really grown bigger and bigger, and yet it has never lost its focus on the people’s well-being, attention to their professional aspirations and valorisation of their talents.  All of this, together with the company’s international profile, has made my job here continuously challenging and thus stimulating.”

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Luca Bonelli

Software Engineering, Italy “I feel lucky, I have many years of experience in embedded software, moving from large to medium-sized companies and I am now very happy to be part of Quixant. This company is fantastic, multicultural, with that pinch of madness that distinguishes it from a thousand of others. All the people I met have always given me positivity and a lot of professionalism. Tangible proof of all this enthusiasm? I have worked here for five years, loving what I do and the most important aspects, me, my family and my colleagues haven’t even noticed it. Time flies when you are having fun.”

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