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Game development is a complex art often impacted by hardware limitations. Developers face numerous challenges throughout the process, leading many to shift from building intricate in-house hardware systems to leveraging preconfigured solutions from leading technology providers such as Quixant.

This transition offers significant advantages, providing developers with powerful, compliant hardware platforms and optimized software tools that save time and effort. Quixant’s sole focus is to enable game developers to unleash their creativity so their products deliver ultimate results.

Quixant’s specialist hardware platforms and Software Suite solutions
Quixant develops a wide range of robust and reliable hardware platforms tailored to the gaming and sports betting industries, with solutions to meet all market, product, and budget requirements. All Quixant platforms come with Quixant’s Software Suite solutions as standard, which significantly reduce the time and effort required to develop and launch new products.

The preconfigured software solutions, optimized specifically for Quixant hardware, enhance land-based games, support devices and peripherals that enrich the gaming experience with immersive multimedia elements, and provide security, compliance, and regulatory functionalities such as server communication, data logging, and intellectual property protection. These allow Quixant’s customers to focus on content development, speed up the time to get products to market, and enables them to deliver market-leading games for less.

Our team partners with customers throughout their product development journey, ensuring a seamless integration of hardware and software to enable them to deliver the ultimate gaming experience. This involves everything from developing OS images tailored for the gaming industry to designing security mechanisms to protect intellectual property.

Game changing integrated Software solutions
Quixant’s Software Suite, a culmination of 20 years of innovation, includes FPGA-based features such as NVRAM, digital I/O, an embedded PWM LED controller and an embedded LED strip controller, AES engines, a BIOS validation and acceleration solution, and several specific serial interfaces. High-level software libraries like QSensor, QSys, and protected EEPROM simplify complex device interactions and the QConfig module allows customers to configure their hardware platform through a software module rather than developing and leveraging hardware tools. The Software Suite also includes management libraries for external peripherals, such as bill validators, printers, magnetic card readers, scanners, coin acceptors, hoppers, iButtons, and SEC meters.

Quixant’s SAS solution integrates with casino management systems, handling all communications with the SAS host. It has been tested against many SAS hosts globally and is supplemented by the Quixant team’s extensive experience in assisting customers with market entry.

Regulations in the land-based gaming industry vary by jurisdiction and can be complex, requiring significant time, effort, and cost to implement and certify systems. Protecting intellectual property is crucial, especially in highly regulated markets. This aspect of game development requires specific knowledge of the gaming industry, local regulations, cabinet hardware devices, peripherals, and servers. While essential, these elements do not directly contribute to a game’s success – it is engaging and interactive games that attract and retain customers. This is why Quixant developed its Software Suite – so developers can outsource these essential software aspects confidently and focus their efforts on experiential aspects of the game.

Optimizing hardware performance
Reliable hardware is crucial for game developers to ensure their content runs smoothly without performance issues. Slot machines process thousands of numbers per second, each associated with different symbol combinations. The system must manage these operations within microseconds and display high-resolution graphics at high frame rates. High-quality animations and multiple videos rendering simultaneously are demanding on hardware resources. Quixant’s Software Suite includes solutions that maximize CPU and GPU performance, providing user-friendly software libraries that access complex embedded system elements. These consist of electronic components, firmware, and operating system drivers which accelerate processing for fundamental game elements, free up CPU and GPU resources for the desired game mechanics and ensure a lag-free experience that delivers the most engaging gaming experience.

In addition to the increased performance from Quixant’s market leading platforms and optimized software, Quixant offers an outsourced optimization service which is available to customers looking to deliver the best gaming experience by optimising the performance of their game content on our hardware.

True gaming expertise and comprehensive support for developers
Quixant supports customers throughout the development, certification, and deployment process, continually evolving its software solutions to meet the global gaming industry’s changing needs.

Quixant’s technical support is provided by experienced specialists who develop these gaming specific solutions and support an extensive global gaming customer base. Whether an existing or new customer, Quixant’s technical team partners with customers to maximize the benefits of their chosen Quixant product, ensuring ongoing and continual support as company and game requirements change.

When you partner with Quixant, you will also gain access to Quixant’s dedicated customer support portal, the Quixant Hub. This gives customers access to downloadable software, comprehensive documentation, example code, OS images, 3D files, tools, and utilities, and allows customers to raise support tickets whenever additional assistance is desired, with 24/7 support.

Explore the possibilities
Quixant’s partners rely on their specialist hardware platforms with integrated Software Suite solutions to deliver exceptional gaming experiences. The combination of powerful, stable hardware and effective software solutions optimized for Quixant’s products enhance customers’ game performance, ensure compliance and security, reduce development costs, and pushes creative boundaries to develop outstanding game content. Focus on enhancing the player experience and launching world-class products in record time with Quixant’s range of hardware platforms and Software Suite solutions.

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