Quixant and Intel “To the Edge and beyond podcast: The power of partnerships and exploring evolving gaming industry trends

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Intel and Quixant join forces on the “To the Edge & Beyond” podcast to explore the technological innovation propelling the gaming industry into new realms of experience. Hear from Intel’s Camilo Dennis, Gaming Partner & Ecosystem Manager, and Quixant’s Duncan Faithfull, EVP, Business Leader, and CCO and Abhinay Bhagavatula, EVP, CTO, and Global Manufacturing Leader in this exclusive podcast moderated by Michelle Dawn Mooney. 

When reflecting on Quixant’s latest collaboration with Intel Faithfull said “We’re enabling game designers to unleash their creativity without being restricted by technology.” The launch of Quixant’s IQ 2 platform at the ICE gaming show signifies a milestone in this collaborative journey – completing Quixant’s range of Intel based products – and promising to meet the nuanced demands of the gaming market. Bhagavatula adds, “Our IQ 2 offering is a testament to our commitment to continuous innovation, enhancing storage, performance, and scalability for our customers.” 

Dennis emphasizes the strength of the collaboration, “It’s been great to find a partner like Quixant to strengthen that relationship.” He reflects on Intel’s dedication to understanding and fulfilling customer needs within the gaming sector.  

During the podcast, the discussion delves into the evolving gaming landscape, where omnichannel experiences are creating a seamless player experience across multiple customer touch points. 

As the conversation concludes, Faithfull and Bhagavatula extend an invitation to the audience to explore their offerings further, “We’ll be there in person at ICE, looking forward to engaging in great conversations,” they express. Dennis also encourages listeners to connect with Intel on LinkedIn for insights into their gaming endeavors. 

To find out more about Quixant’s and Intel’s partnership and new platform offering, arrange to meet the Quixant team at ICE 

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