Quixant continue to support the LatAm gaming and sports betting market, with market-specific products, supply chain solutions, and a dedicated team

As global gaming markets continue to rebound, the Latin American market is positioned to be one of the fastest growing, with gross gaming revenues forecast to almost triple from 2020 to 2025 according to research from Statista. Predicted to peak at over $3billion U.S. dollars by 2025 this growth is expected to be predominantly driven by Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia, whilst countries such as Argentina and Puerto Rico offer exciting development.

Quixant understands that there is considerable diversity within the LatAm gaming and sports betting markets, with each country possessing different legislation to regulate and operate sports betting, lotteries, and casinos. After the much-awaited news that Brazil would be legalising sports betting, and building on its existing presence in and knowledge of the region, Quixant has further invested in the teams, solutions and operations to best support organizations across the LatAm markets.

Whether you are looking to enter the Brazil sports betting market or need land-based gaming solutions for markets such as Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, or Puerto Rico, Quixant is there to help. As a global provider to the sports betting and gaming industries, they already have the global supply chain expertise to deliver the solutions you need. To help organizations expedite their entry to the Brazilian market, Quixant have developed a partnership to ensure their products can be first in the country, giving its partners a true market advantage as the market dynamics become established.

Quixant has a dedicated LatAm team who are multilingual (English, Portuguese, and Spanish) and are ready to help you take advantage of the abundant opportunities the market presents.

As content and the customer experience are key to delivering world-class games or market-leading sports betting kiosks and terminals, their range of solutions are developed to enable customers to get more from their hardware. Coupled with technical support from their global team of industry specialists, customers can focus efforts on taking their content and the customer experience to the next level.

To ensure customers’ products are the best they can possibly be, Quixant developed its range of game-changing, globally compliant hardware platforms, IQ, IQON and QMAX. Available with both Intel and AMD options, the platforms are suitable for different market and budget requirements and come in varying levels of power and performance. Quixant’s partners can choose Intel or AMD as part of their hardware platform, safe in the knowledge that the Quixant software and service solution is the same whichever they choose, and can leave the transition and integration to be managed by the experts at Quixant.

All Quixant platforms come with its integrated Software Suite solutions as standard, so customers can benefit from embedded specialist software solutions, and spend their time optimizing content that keeps their customers engaged, entertained for longer, and returning again and again.

Designed to suit cost conscious markets, the IQ platform from Quixant ticks all of the boxes for the LatAm market, delivering a comprehensive range of hardware features, ensuring compliance in all jurisdictions, while providing critical software capabilities such as security, OS and BIOS customisation. It has proved to be the top choice for niche LatAm markets that require reliable products and market know-how and guidance from the Quixant team, whilst being competitively priced.

The IQ Air is great for those looking to take their products to the next level at an accessible price. It offers support for SSD M.2. form factor, has impressive transfer rates that improve the performance of customers’ content, and enables them to focus on aspects that enhance the customer experience.

Quixant’s existing IQON range now includes an Intel-based product, with even more features and benefits inside, suited to those looking to take the customer experience a level further. The fanless, all-in-one platform allows customers to increase the performance of their products, ensure regulatory compliance across LatAm markets, and enhance the customer experience.

Whatever market you are targeting and whatever vertical, be it route market, VLT, slot or roulettes, Quixant have the products you require.

Reflecting on Quixant’s position in the Latin American market, Patricia Souto Rial VP of Business Development for LatAm at Quixant commented:

“Proactively investing in the LatAm region is crucial to ensure the industry has the products, supply chain solutions, operational aspects, expertise, and support required to enable success in such a vast and diverse region. Our goal at Quixant is not only to support customers by providing the products they need when they need them, but to establish partnerships that enable strategic decision-making and empower them to achieve ultimate results.”

Patricia continued “The Latin American market has a potential that cannot be ignored, in existing markets such as Mexico, Colombia and Argentina, and in developing markets like Brazil. Collaboration and engagement with strategic partners is key to success in the region. This helps to overcome any language barriers, infrastructure issues and commercial challenges, ensuring taxation and regulations requirements are met, whilst ensuring speed to market.

With existing supply chain solutions, industry expertise and products dedicated to the needs of these markets, we have been investing in developing new solutions, expanding our LatAm -focused team with both Portuguese and Spanish-speaking members, and developing partnerships to ensure our products are accessible for the Brazil market.”

Concluding, Patrica commented “Quixant exclusively supplies products to the gaming and sports betting industry, and these products are designed with the needs of gaming and sports betting exclusively in mind. Our team is gearing up to participate in G2E Las Vegas in October. Our dedicated LatAm team will be available at booth 2640 to welcome the LatAm community and to discuss how we can help you make your products stand out from the crowd in what is a very competitive and complex region to operate in.”

Meet our dedicated LatAm team at G2E booth 2640 or contact to arrange a meeting.

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