Quixant is to support the industry at NIGA 2022

After a challenging 2021, with supply chain challenges impacting the gaming industry’s relentless effort to deliver product to the market, Quixant is pleased to support the industry at NIGA 2022. With offices across the globe and in all key gaming jurisdictions, our global team of Gaming experts will be at booth 1821 between 19-22 April.

The team look forward to connecting with those able to attend the show to discuss business challenges, explore how partnership and collaboration will enable the industry to overcome these, and how innovative technology can be harnessed to deliver the ultimate player experience.

We will be showcasing our ultimate range of gaming hardware platforms and our market-leading Software Hub; a host of effective software solutions designed to optimise game development and delivery – embedded on all platforms as standard.

We believe our customers’, and all game manufacturers’ focus should be on bringing brilliant games to market, and not developing hardware solutions to build them on. Now more than ever, they need the freedom to develop games with the confidence that their solution is reliable; ready to go; and as powerful as their imagination needs it to be. That’s why Quixant developed its ultimate range of gaming hardware platforms. The product ranges are:

IQ – Gaming intelligence. Big on performance. Big on value.
IQON – Gaming brilliance. Elite performance. Endless Possibilities.
QMAX – Gaming dominance. Ultimate Power. Ultimate Performance.

Quixant’s range of platforms have been expertly designed to meet the needs and regulations of the gaming industry, to provide maximum performance based on budget, market and product needs and includes a product category designed to cater to markets where value for money is key.

We are pleased to exclusively introduce our range of cabinet solutions at NIGA 2022, which are tailored to the requirements and regulations of the Video Lottery and Sports Betting industries. Highly customizable and cost-effective, Quixant’s cabinets are powered by Quixant’s market-leading hardware platforms and Software Hub, and come with a full set of market-leading peripherals.

Whatever your approach to overcome current challenges and prepare for success for 2022 and beyond, as we look ahead, it’s clear that there are endless opportunities to drive innovation and technology should be the ‘super enabler’ that drives the future of gaming experiences.

Visit us at booth 1821 to find out how partnering with Quixant will enable you to focus your development efforts on enhancing the player experience and launch world-class products in record time. Contact the team to arrange a time to meet at the show.

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