Quixant launches new ultimate range of gaming hardware platforms to meet the evolving needs of the gaming market

We are delighted to launch our new ultimate range of gaming hardware platforms, which has options for all needs and budgets.

Our new range has been expertly designed to meet the needs and regulations of the gaming world, to provide you with maximum performance based on your budget, market and product needs and includes a product category designed to cater to markets where value for money is key.

Your business is bringing brilliant games to market, and not developing hardware solutions to build them on. You need a technology partner who gives you freedom to develop your games with the confidence that your solution is reliable; ready to go; and as powerful as your imagination needs it to be. That’s why Quixant will be the perfect technology provider and partner for you. Welcome to Quixant’s new ultimate range of gaming hardware platforms. The product ranges are:

IQ – Gaming intelligence. Big on performance. Big on value.
IQON – Gaming brilliance. Elite performance. Endless Possibilities.
QMAX – Gaming dominance. Ultimate Power. Ultimate Performance.

All of Quixant’s gaming hardware platforms include the market-leading Quixant Software Hub, a host of effective software solutions that are designed to optimise your game development and delivery and enable you to develop your games without limits. Our team of Gaming technology experts are always on hand to help you seamlessly integrate all elements of your games and enhance the performance of your platform and Software Hub solutions.

Duncan Faithfull, Chief Commercial Officer at Quixant, said: “The last year for Quixant has been about preparing for the future and providing the gaming industry solutions that deliver exceptional gaming experiences to a global consumer audience with a pent-up desire to enjoy the thrill of gaming once again. Quixant has listened to its customers and the needs of the market and is delighted to be launching a new range of gaming hardware platforms that caters to the evolving needs of the gaming industry.”

Globally. Creatively. Strategically. Technologically. There are no limits with Quixant.

Find out how Quixant’s new range of gaming hardware platforms will enable you to focus your development efforts on enhancing the player experience and launching world-class leading products in record time. Explore the range now.

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