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As one of the world’s most principal and pioneering manufacturers of advanced video slot machines, adp Merkur have harvested an enviable reputation for quality of build, reliability, and innovation – on a mass scale.

Through its renowned Merkur Gaming brand, there are few European markets – and increasingly globally, to all corners – where the company cannot lay claim to being a major player from both an OEM and operation standpoint.

This impressive, all-encompassing market presence requires not only in-house expertise, but also powerful third-party technology partnerships that enable class-leading, sustainable solutions to continually set, and exceed, standards. A primary example of a fundamental Gaming industry collaboration is that between Blueprint Operations, adp Merkur’s UK land-based gaming subsidiary, and Quixant, established leader in the design and development of computer hardware and software solutions for the global gaming industry. The long-standing exclusive computer hardware agreement between the two parties encapsulates the benefit of shared knowledge, leverages the Quixant “customer first” ethos, and provides end product that is at once agile, versatile and, perhaps most importantly, quick-to-market.

Duncan Faithfull, Chief Commercial Officer of Quixant, commented: “We value our relationships with both adp Merkur and Blueprint hugely. It is a true honour to partner with a global powerhouse of such prominence, and as such we are constantly striving, day after day, to optimise our hardware platform offering and, equally, our integrated software solutions. The end objective is simple: for us to grow alongside our partner, with their dreams – not just ours – at the forefront of our imagination.”

Alan Claypole, Director of Product at Blueprint Operations, adds: “The last 12 to 18 months has been a period of perpetual evolution, with a wide variety of Blueprint cabinets, targeted to different areas of the UK market, migrating to latest-generation Quixant PC technology. We look forward to reaping the rewards of this move, and are confident that we can rely on Quixant to support us, and listen, at every step of the way.”


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