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Quixant has provided Gaming Hardware Platform solutions to Everi Holding Inc. (“Everi”) for nearly 10 years.

Everi is Quixant’s largest customer and is a force in the Gaming industry, showing consistent year on year growth as well as a range of market leading game titles, leading to over 12,000 Gaming Cabinets being manufactured each year. During the pandemic, and associated component availability issues, Everi and Quixant worked closely to ensure supply and innovation.

Dean Ehrlich, Everi EVP and Gaming Business leader said, “Our association with Quixant is important in order for Everi to achieve its objectives. The collaboration between our businesses has assisted through the challenges of the pandemic and component shortages and Quixant looked to find needed solutions. Quixant is a supplier which understands our industry, our business, and provides products that contributes to Everi delivering outstanding customer experiences.”


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