Testimonial – Metronia

Creating partnerships.
Driving innovation.

Quixant and Metronia are two pioneering, global gaming companies partnering with one shared mission: to push innovation further.

With over 40 years’ experience, Metronia is one of the most relevant Game Business groups in the world. By working closely with Quixant to develop and strengthen their product offering, Metronia is evolving – and growing.

“The technology partnership between Metronia and Quixant spans over four years. Our close collaboration has enabled Metronia Group to focus on core areas of innovation such as game design and player interaction to bring market-leading EGMs to casinos. This has driven sustained strong growth in our business.” Félix Sánchez – CEO, Metronia.

Highly specialist and collaborative game-changers, Quixant engineers proudly offer their deep sector skills and insights of regulations in all markets to deliver bespoke technology solutions that always exceed expectations. By understanding unique business needs of the gaming industry, Quixant are committed to pushing the boundaries of technology solutions that ensure valued customers, like Metronia, always stay ahead of the game.


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