Unlock the future of gaming technology with Quixant and Intel®: Download our guide now

In the rapidly evolving world of gaming technology, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. We recognise the need for innovation and have strategically collaborated with Intel®, a global leader in semiconductor technology.

This collaboration is designed to deliver the market unparalleled gaming experiences and unlock limitless possibilities for gaming technology.

As an Intel® Partner Alliance member, we harness the most innovative processors, chipsets, and technologies to offer a comprehensive portfolio of gaming products that cater to diverse market needs. Leveraging the latest in advanced training and support offered by Intel®, we provide our customers game-changing support throughout their product lifecycle. Find out more by downloading our Unlocking the future of gaming technology free guide.

Benefits of the collaboration
The collaboration between Quixant and Intel® brings several benefits to the industry:

  • 10-year product lifecycle: Our products boast an extended product lifecycle of 10 years, ensuring longevity and reliability for customers.
  • Enhanced performance: Intel® processors and graphics capabilities enable our high-performing and reliable gaming hardware platforms to deliver smooth gameplay and immersive experiences.
  • Cost-effectiveness: By leveraging Intel® architecture, we provide customers with cost-effective solutions that optimize their power consumption and reduce operational costs.
  • Innovation: The collaboration fosters a culture of innovation and continuous advancements in gaming technology.

Transitioning to Intel® architecture with Quixant
The Quixant team are here to guide and support customers who are ready to transition to Intel® technology. As a game manufacturer or developer, it involves understanding the nuances of multiple platforms and optimizing your games and content accordingly.

To get a comprehensive understanding of our top tips to transition to Intel® architecture, and the support the team will provide you along the way, download our guide today via the form below. It’s packed with valuable insights and tips to help you make the transition with confidence. Browse our range of Intel® based products, and find the ideal solution for you. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock the future of gaming technology with Quixant and Intel®

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