Abhinay Bhagavatula G3 Pulse Podcast: Reflections on ICE

News Abhinay Bhagavatula G3 Pulse Podcast: Reflections on ICE, Quixant’s launch of innovative new solutions at the show, and expectations for 2023 Abhinay, how did the ICE 2023 show play out on the Quixant booth in London? ICE 2023 was an incredibly successful show for Quixant and it was impressive to see the whole industry back with a vengeance. This was an exhibition in which we saw a lot of interest both from our land-based customers and from the online sector, which is expanding as the land-based and online markets continue to converge. Plus, as regulations open more markets, sports betting is also a key element in that expansion, with developments in the US market carrying through into Europe. This was highlighted at ICE where we saw a large presence from the sports betting side of the industry. How did London compare to Vegas? There had been a lot of conversation at G2E about the potential for a slowdown of the markets due to the recession on the horizon. However, conversations at ICE were wholly positive and demonstrate just how strong gaming markets are holding up, and how many are looking forward to further expansion. This was the overall sentiment of customers at ICE, as they looked to new markets opening up across Europe in the near future. The EMEA market does not appear to be slowing down any time soon. You launched your latest QMAX product at ICE – a premium Gaming platform powered by Intel. How was this launch received - especially as you’re a business that’s historically been more aligned with AMD? As a technology company we want to put our customers at the forefront of innovation and Intel's strategy will help us to achieve those goals. Our [...]

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Duncan Faithfull G3 Pulse Podcast: Game-changing Technology – Delivering the ultimate player experience.

News Duncan Faithfull G3 Pulse Podcast: Game-changing Technology – Delivering the ultimate player experience. Quixant is to unveil a range of new Intel-based products at ICE London that build upon the launch of its new cabinet range G3 speaks to Quixant’s Chief Commercial Officer, Duncan Faithful, about the ongoing supply chain issues that continue to linger from the pandemic, but also the optimism that’s driving the gaming industry forward into 2023 and towards a spectacular ICE London exhibition. Looking back to 2022, how would you summarise the year for Quixant? I think 2022 was a year of transition - and from the point of view of the industry, the two big gaming shows - ICE and G2E - mirrored the developments that we saw across the year. ICE London in April was an event dominated by online and sports betting, and for Quixant, it was also the first time in many years that we didn’t take a booth, but observed from the show floor. Fast forward six months to G2E, however, and it was a completely different experience. Despite the fact that all of our new product development (NPD), which we will see at ICE this year, wasn’t on show at G2E, the nervousness from ICE in April had been replaced by optimism. Our booth was rammed and the attitude from customers was: “lets go for it!” The industry is raring to go, but have the supply issues that dogged us throughout the pandemic gone away yet? I think the industry is right to still be a bit cautious on that front. Having just been to Taiwan and talking to several suppliers in China, we are not out of the woods yet in terms of all of the component issues we’ve talked [...]

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Abhinay Bhagavatula G3 Pulse Podcast: Reflections on G2E, the state of the Gaming industry approaching 2023, the supply chain situation and the launch of Quixant’s turnkey cabinets

News Abhinay Bhagavatula G3 Pulse Podcast: Reflections on G2E, the state of the Gaming industry approaching 2023, the supply chain situation and the launch of Quixant's turnkey cabinets Abhinay Bhagavatula - EVP Gaming Business and CTO, Quixant – G3 Pulse podcast Quixant exhibited at G2E 2022 in Las Vegas - what are your impressions of the show - and of the market in general? The last couple of years have been challenging for everyone in the Gaming industry - including the gaming exhibitions. However, this year’s G2E was one of the best shows in recent times, which is remarkable considering the challenges the industry has faced. What I found most interesting about the event this year, was the industry reset that has taken place. We have seen surging demand in new and existing markets over the last 12 months and G2E confirmed this trend. It was great to see that Gaming has reclaimed its pivotal role in mainstream entertainment - especially in Las Vegas - where business is overwhelmingly positive right now. For a long time G2E has been a barometer used by Gaming suppliers, distributors, and operators to define their roadmap for the future, and it was fantastic to engage in positive conversations once again on the exhibition floor. We look forward to a very positive period of growth as we head into 2023. At the show Quixant launched a new range of cabinets - Quantum and Qinetic - what’s the background to the launch of the cabinets, and the reason for creating cabinet hardware at this time? Conversations with customers have increasingly focused on sports betting, land-based and retail markets. Quixant’s new Quantum range of products services the VLT and EGM side of the market, while Qinetic focuses on the kiosk and [...]

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Duncan Faithfull G3 Pulse Podcast: Reflections on how the Gaming industry has fared in 2022, driving forward, product innovation, and G2E

News Duncan Faithfull G3 Pulse Podcast: Reflections on how the Gaming industry has fared in 2022, driving forward, product innovation, and G2E Duncan Faithfull, EVP, Gaming Business Leader and CCO of Quixant talks with Lewis Pek of G3 about ongoing supply chain challenges, how Quixant is pivoting to support the Gaming sector and looking forward to G2E and beyond. Duncan, how would you define 2022 at this point as we look ahead beyond the summer? What's improved - what's stayed the same and what's proving challenging? I’d say that 2022 has continued the challenges of the last couple of years. At the start of the year, we all expected the supply chain challenges to improve, but the reality is that they’re with us for some time yet. Quixant’s response has been to focus our attention upon providing support for our customer base. We recognise that availability is king right now as customers seek to ramp up production to meet positive market sentiment. Our engineering efforts, therefore, have been concentrated around ensuring that we offer sustainable supply chain solutions. My belief is that 2022 presents an exciting opportunity as Gaming environments ‘normalise,’ but there is a lag between expectations as they unfold in the present and the long-term reality. Quixant’s focus on availability ensures that we are prepared for the next few years, not just 2022. What supply, price and inflationary pressures are we seeing in the market in regard to components? We're already seeing average machine prices rising as manufacturers pass on costs to operators - have we peaked or are we still climbing - and what's are the drivers? Speaking for Quixant, the vast majority of our products have around 1,000 individual components, and it only takes one of those [...]

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Quixant announces cabinets partnership with the award-winning US Gaming company Pilot Games

News Quixant announces cabinets partnership with the award-winning US Gaming company Pilot Games. Pilot Games selects Quixant as its outsourced cabinet partner to enable its continued focus on developing its game-changing content. Quixant has today announced a new partnership with Pilot Games, the award-winning, US-based Gaming company. Pilot has selected Quixant’s state-of-the-art cabinets to enable them to continue to deliver exceptional gaming experiences and bring their world-class games to market faster. This new collaboration with Quixant gives Pilot Games the needed opportunity for expansion with excellent state-of- the-art cabinets for their customers. Jon Weaver CEO of Pilot Games said on the new partnership: "Pilot Games and Quixant make a great team; this relationship allows Pilot to focus on what we do best - make great games and operating systems for community charities and their players.  Partnering with Quixant, we have a cabinet provider who mitigates the impact of supply chain challenges we were "managing" on our side. Our focus must be on content development, which drives Pilot's continued growth." “An example of the innovation that the Pilot/Quixant partnership generates is the introduction of the new Pilot Flagship 4K, J-curve cabinet with video deck.  "We have collaborated with the team at Quixant to bring this new cabinet standard to the US charitable gaming market".  "The charitable market is changing rapidly, and Pilot is committed to being the industry leader in providing the highest quality gaming experience to our players" Weaver concluded. Duncan Faithfull, EVP, Gaming Business Leader and CCO at Quixant said “Quixant is thrilled to have been chosen as Pilot Games' cabinets outsourced partner, adding such a prestigious Gaming company to our expanding customer base”. “Our goal is to take away component and hardware availability challenges from our partners, and provide them [...]

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Quixant announces the launch of its new UK-based service centre to enhance every stage of the customer journey

News Quixant announces the launch of its new UK-based service centre to enhance every stage of the customer journey Quixant launches a new hardware repairs service to expedite and streamline the process for its EMEA customers, in its pursuit to always enable customers to deliver the ultimate gaming experiences. With persisting supply chain challenges and extended lead times making building finished products a challenge for the industry, allied with an increase in demand across the majority of global markets,Quixant noted an increased importance and emphasis on the servicing of products, as customers’ stock of replacement products became increasingly limited. Discussing the need to enable its customers to turn around products quickly and return machines to full operation and mitigate the increasing costs of shipping products internationally for repairs, Quixant identified a need to provide a UK-based repairs Service centre to best support its EMEA customers as the market continued to rebound. Quixant is delighted to launch the partnership with Teknotronik, the leading provider of electronics repairs, who draw from unparalleled experience in servicing the industry. After almost a year of exploration, working closely with our teams conducting repairs in Taiwan, developing processes, and SOPs, and conducting extensive trials, the new service will be available from mid-July. The new centre will benefit customers in the EMEA territories with some top-tier UK Quixant customers – particularly in the pub sector – and customers in the EU already benefiting from the new offering. Taiwan will remain the primary repair centre for customers in Australia and the Far East and our dedicated US local facility will continue to serve customers in North America and LATAM. Leo Bateman VP of Business Development for EMEA commented: “As supply chain challenges persist, we have been proactively redesigning our products to [...]

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Quixant announces rebrand and the launch of the Quixant Hub

News Quixant announces rebrand and the launch of the Quixant Hub Today Quixant announced a corporate rebrand, with a new logo, visual identity, and enhanced product and support platform, the Quixant Hub. Over the past year, Quixant has undergone a complete brand refresh to reflect its position as an innovative, and forward-thinking specialist technology provider to the gaming industry, constantly enhancing its product, service, and support offering. Quixant’s exclusive focus on the gaming industry means there are no additional markets and conflicting priorities to distract its product development roadmap. Constantly investing in gaming technology innovation, Quixant developed its range of next-generation IQ, IQON and QMAX Gaming Hardware Platforms which are powered by its game optimising Software Hub solutions, and diversified to offer a range of bespoke and highly customisable cabinets for the Video Lottery and Sports Betting industries. Launching the new brand identity marks another major milestone for Quixant and the segway into the next stage of the company’s progression to enable customers to always deliver gaming excellence. The Quixant Hub has been designed to deliver a brilliant customer experience for Quixant’s current and new customers, expanding on the capabilities of the existing product, support, and ticketing platform. Designed to be ever more user friendly and accessible it provides a seamless onboarding experience, giving users insights into Quixant’s next-generation hardware and software solutions, unrivalled technical support, and unlimited access to Quixant’s technical documentation, firmware, drivers, software libraries and applications. It has been developed with the purpose to free up customers’ time so they can focus on delivering the best gaming content and getting their games to market faster. Duncan Faithfull, EVP and CCO at Quixant commented: “The rebrand and launch of the new Quixant Hub reflect how Quixant has endlessly evolved in [...]

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Jon Jayal G3 Pulse Podcast#3: Continuing supply chain challenges, ICE and 2022 innovation

News Jon Jayal G3 Pulse Podcast#3: Continuing supply chain challenges, ICE and 2022 innovation Jon Jayal, CEO of Quixant speaks to Lewis Pek of G3 about supply shortages, Quixant product roadmap, ICE and the landscape of innovation for 2022 and beyond. After yet another difficult year, what positives have you taken from the events Quixant exhibited at in 2021? Quixant exhibited at the G2E show in October last year thanks to the enormous efforts of our US team. And while I think it was a different show for everyone, what was desperately needed was the opportunity for face-time with customers after such a long break. Quixant’s Chief Technology Officer, Abhinay Bhagavatula, and our US-based team were able to meet customers, demonstrate Quixant’s latest products and reconnect with customers – thanking them for their business during the pandemic and discussing what lies ahead in 2022. What have you made of the decision to postpone ICE – what’s been the impact on Quixant – both upon your announcements and plans for 2022? On the products side, Quixant hasn’t changed any of its planned announcements and roll-outs in 2022. We are continuing full-steam ahead, despite the news that ICE is not now taking place in February. Of course, it is disappointing that we are not able to participate in ICE in February as planned. We had all hoped that we’d be able to draw a line under COVID-19 this year, but unfortunately that’s not possible right now. Quixant has supported ICE for many years and know that a well-attended ICE is great for our industry. We will continue to support the industry and the show, if that’s what the industry desires, but there’s lots of uncertainty around the new dates, and low attendance will be [...]

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