Quixant and Intel To the Edge and beyond podcast

News Quixant and Intel “To the Edge and beyond” podcast: The power of partnerships and exploring evolving gaming industry trends Intel and Quixant join forces on the "To the Edge & Beyond" podcast to explore the technological innovation propelling the gaming industry into new realms of experience. Hear from Intel's Camilo Dennis, Gaming Partner & Ecosystem Manager, and Quixant's Duncan Faithfull, EVP, Business Leader, and CCO and Abhinay Bhagavatula, EVP, CTO, and Global Manufacturing Leader in this exclusive podcast moderated by Michelle Dawn Mooney.  When reflecting on Quixant's latest collaboration with Intel Faithfull said "We're enabling game designers to unleash their creativity without being restricted by technology.” The launch of Quixant’s IQ 2 platform at the ICE gaming show signifies a milestone in this collaborative journey - completing Quixant’s range of Intel based products - and promising to meet the nuanced demands of the gaming market. Bhagavatula adds, "Our IQ 2 offering is a testament to our commitment to continuous innovation, enhancing storage, performance, and scalability for our customers."  Dennis emphasizes the strength of the collaboration, "It's been great to find a partner like Quixant to strengthen that relationship." He reflects on Intel's dedication to understanding and fulfilling customer needs within the gaming sector.   During the podcast, the discussion delves into the evolving gaming landscape, where omnichannel experiences are creating a seamless player experience across multiple customer touch points.  As the conversation concludes, Faithfull and Bhagavatula extend an invitation to the audience to explore their offerings further, "We'll be there in person at ICE, looking forward to engaging in great conversations," they express. Dennis also encourages listeners to connect with Intel on LinkedIn for insights into their gaming endeavors.  To find out more about Quixant’s and Intel’s partnership and new platform offering, arrange [...]

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Quixant announces partnership with ELAS

News Quixant announce partnership with Elas Quixant announce partnership with Elas to enhance gaming and sports betting cabinet offering for the EMEA market. We are pleased to announce our partnership with Elas for the exclusive manufacturing of our Quantum and Qinetic cabinet, kiosk and betting terminal solutions to the EMEA market. As an organisation who has prided itself in its ability to identify products that fit the needs of the market and deliver these outsourced solutions in an optimal time frame, we are undergoing our latest product evolution with the delivery of our fully integrated gaming cabinet and sports betting kiosk and terminal range. Powered by our market leading hardware platforms, the solutions enable customers to outsource with confidence, leveraging the unrivalled benefits of our embedded hardware platforms, and extensive sector specific expertise. With the Quantum and Qinetic range being successfully deployed in the US market, the natural progression was to develop a strategic EMEA partnership to enable Quixant to effectively fulfil the ever-growing demand from this region. Elas, who are based in Bosnia, have long been a subcontractor of choice for leading players in the EMEA slot and betting terminal market, and are purveyors of high quality, aesthetically pleasing, and highly reliable products in every project they undertake. Reflecting on the partnership Leo Bateman, VP of Business Development – EMEA at Quixant, commented: “We are extremely pleased to finalise the partnership with Elas. Our integrated cabinet and kiosk roadmap is a fundamental part of Quixant’s future technology strategy, and a major objective for us was identifying and selecting a manufacturing partner who shared our engrained ethos of quality, reliability, and sustainability so we can provide an enhanced product and service offering to our EMEA customers. We are truly confident that this [...]

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Quixant announces partnership with FABICash

News Quixant announces partnership with FABICash FABICash has partnered with Quixant in its continued efforts to be the most reliable cash access platform in the gaming industry, bringing more revenue back to the gaming floor. We are pleased to announce our partnership with market-leading cash access and cashless solution provider, FABICash to deliver the FABIKiosk, their new game-changing all-in-one ticket redemption kiosk. This partnership with Quixant enables FABICash to bring a market leading cash access and cashless solution to the industry faster, with the confidence that the solution is powerful and reliable, enabling FABI to focus on expanding further within the industry with its state-of-the-art kiosk. Powered by Quixant’s IQON Air 1 platform, the FABIKiosk redeems tickets and pays out on jackpots, breaks bills, and performs ATM and eCheck transactions. With a stand-out 49-inch display, the one-of-a-kind solution facilitates transactions, and the cashless feature moves money into the FABIWallet, reducing the amount of cash that is needed in the kiosk. Anthony F. Rabito, Jr., President of FABICash, commented on the partnership: "Our goal has always been to provide the most reliable cash access platform in the gaming industry and to put more money back on the gaming floor. Partnering with Quixant has been excellent, as we are equally focused on providing market-leading solutions to the gaming industry, and both pride ourselves on the level of service we offer customers.” Anthony continued: “The relationship with Quixant allows us to focus on what we do best ─ bring innovative and game-changing cash access and cashless solutions to the industry. Quixant has mitigated the impact of supply chain challenges for the computers that drive our kiosks. This has enabled our continued focus on developing and delivering the kiosk to market, as well as expediting [...]

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